Thursday 18 April 2024

Fifteen useful and positive activities to do at home




Léa-Marie, creator of 'My Sweet Cactus' blog and influencer from Strasbourg shares with us her advices to get things done at home!

Whether it’s a rainy Sunday, a week off or quarantine due to the COVID-19(in the context of which I’m writing this article), we tend to go in circles and to do always the same things such as watching TV, scrolling up and down on social medias,  playing video games… So many activities which are less stimulating and don’t take away boredom. To cheer you up and get busy in a useful and positive way, here are my little ideas! For you, your relatives and your children. I hope this will bring you some comfort.

Let’s turn your free time into satisfaction!

1. Tidy your home: Beauty products in disorder, expired medications, cupboards full of video tapes, old shoes, piles of paperwork, drawers of hodgepodge, lonely socks, chargers of old phones and cameras, fridge’s door covered with pictures/papers and cards, clothes to sell or to give… It’s high time to roll up your sleeves and to keep only what you need in order to declutter. When you empty your house, it just makes you feel good and relaxed, plus you are so satisfied and relieved when you’re done. Tested and approved!

2. Try new cooking recipes: Most of the time we buy ingredients depending on the recipe… what if we do the opposite?  With what you have in your fridge und cupboards, try a new recipe! You might be surprised! And if you need help, apps like iCuisto or Frigo magique suggest recipes depending on what you have left in your kitchen. Useful, isn’t it? 

3. Let your creativity speak: Instead of spending your day playing video games, why don’t you start a creative activity? Not only will you be busy, but also it will relax you and please you. There are several possibilities, you don’t have to be Leonardo da Vinci : you can color (there are coloring books for adults!), play music, look after your plants, customize your clothes, write, make album photos with the ones lying around, renovate an old piece of furniture, try new hairstyles… There is no shortage of ideas!

4. Take advance on what you postpone: When you postpone until tomorrow, not only it drags on but also you don’t have a restful mind. It’s time to go for it and to do once and for all what is unfinished (or what you haven’t even started): change your telephone operator, fill in an administrative document, return a package, change the batteries of your weighing scale (I’m speaking to myself haha), sort the pictures in your phone, mend a pair of jeans, end a useless subscription…

5. Stay in touch with your family and long-lost friends: We often say to ourselves “How is he/she doing? I haven’t heard from him/her since a long time.” To be honest, Facebook is not the best way to stay in touch with someone. Send a little message to catch up with a person that you like and that you haven’t seen in a long time because of your timetable. It’s so nice to hear from people that you like! And it’s the opportunity to be out of sight but not out of mind.

6. Reorganize your apartment: Apart from sorting and redecorating, by reorganizing your house, you can see more clearly and breathe. Moreover, you’ll become more efficient and be faster when you don’t have time to lose! Here are some ideas:

  • Put a label with the design and the brand on shoes boxes to find them quicker (if you, just like me don’t have the right boxes).
  • Categorize your medications.
  • Put your off-season clothes in the cellar.
  • Sort your papers into “to be processed”, “to be followed”, “archived” sheet protectors.
  • Tidy the food in your fridge depending on what it is (dairy, meat, fish, vegetables etc.).
  • Make boxes for your accessories such as belts, swimsuits, purses, tights…
  • Categorize your cosmetics and keep the samples for when you’re travelling.
  • Put the things that you don’t really use in your cellar (ski suit, crockery for the guests, Christmas decoration, toolbox, costumes).
  • Reorganize the kitchen drawers to optimize space.

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Translated by Mélinda Moussinga



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