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Chiara Magni, a colorful painter

A 32-year-old Italian painter who grew up with the desire to create, using art as a means of personal growth and well-being. Chiara Magni uses her hands, and especially her fingers, to implement brightly colored paintings, pigmented with joy of living. The paintings of the famous artist are now sold all over the world.

You say that you have experimented with techniques alone, so you define yourself as self-taught ?

Well I did begin the art school but I decided not to continue as I felt it wasn’t helping me. Nothing against schooling at all, it just didn’t work out for me. I’ve then begun a long long research. I’ve attended art courses and tried to master all of the possible techniques. I am always a very eager student and I never stop learning every day! 

“Lanterne”, a work of Chiara Magni.

When did you decide to start living from your passion? 

In my early 20s I realized that painting was my path, wasn’t only my passion, it was “my thing” it was what I was supposed to do. So even if with many doubts, uncertainties and fears I’ve begun the path. It wasn’t easy at all! I was scared, alone and felt like a small fish in a sea of sharks.

Why did you choose finger painting? What is his technique? 

Finger painting is a very special technique. I use only oil paint. It means that the paint is applied on the canvas only with my fingers, without the use of brushes. This allows me to be in full control of the paint and allows me to reach a level of texture that I cannot obtain with any other techniques. It is also very intuitive and primordial. Something I reccomand to try.

Chiara Magni is specialized in “finger painting”. Photo by Chiara Magni

Your paintings represent portraits, landscapes, nudes. What do you prefer to paint, and why? 

I try to create paintings that can fall under many subjects, from landscapes to nudes from abstract to animals… My favorite subject is Mother Nature! Everything that was crated by nature is my favorite subjects. I love painting landscapes, skyes are something that really make me dream! The sky is for sure a very predominant subject in my portfolio. I also love to paint the nature like flowers, animals and many combinations of them.

The Italian painter enjoys painting landscapes, as shown in her painting “Gaze”.

You represent mainly women, is it a way for you to express a certain feminism? 

When it gets to paint people yes I prefer to depict women. I’ve sometimes painted men too. But women are more fashinating, more fun to paint and beautiful! I am absolutely a supporter of our category! 

“It is very important for me to dedicate my art to women, to celebrate all of us in our strength and beauty”

Chiara Magni contemplates her work “Astra”.

All your works are very colorful. Why this choice?

Well I like to play with EMOTIONS! This is what my art is all about! I don’t care about being a realist painter, I only care about the feelings I can create. Creating and emotion in the observer is my mantra. I feel that by using loud and strong colors I can rally shake the soul of the observer!

“Echinacea” by Chiara Magni

“Heat” by Chiara Magni

Do you have any suggestions for beginners, for new artists?

Well, it is not easy, do not believe anyone that tells you that you make the best art and that if you pay them an upfront fee they will make you sell ….  you need to be always very aware, you need to be able to recognize who you are dealing with, all this while you get more and more able and aware of you abilities. It requires a lot of hard work, a lot of failures and a lot of people telling you “no”. Take all of the bad experiences and use them to find your own motivation, keep on producing, specialize on a subject, or on a technique,  find your signature style and eventually you will find yourself selling all over the places and changing lives for the better with your art.

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“Redflection” by Chiara Magni

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