Tuesday 16 April 2024

WeLovArt is a declaration of love to all artists, to those who create, draw, design, immortalize. To these craftsmen and women imagining universes and birthing them into life. We want to give them a voice. Our international fashion and art webzine is a filterless place of expression that will form…


being him, you, me evolving in the world of fashion, cinema, music, dance and visual arts. Offering a diversity of profiles as rich as the art world itself.


brought together by this WE, we want to allow creators to express themselves freely. Artists will tell us about the successes, but also about the hardships they encountered along their path. They will tell us about their lives, guided by art and passion, and will counsel beginners taking their first steps. An honest speech. Openhearted.


An open and valiant heart. We will travel through these different artistic universes to understand their global functioning as well as their stakes and difficulties.

Throughout the fashion sections, picture, stage, the WeLovArt webzine provides a great variety of contents :

“Spotlight on”
A personal story through a universal problematic To tell you about these artistic journeys, we organize interviews and shootings in prestigious international locations.

“On the podium”
Navigate through your peers’ stories or discover inspiring, surprising and exhilarating careers.

“Capsule collection”
Inspired by the fashion world’s capsule collections, our WeLovArt reports are “specials”. These extensive articles question and take a critical look at the art world’s functioning.

“Behind the scene”
Discover atypical places in images, from a museum’s reserve to a photography workshop, via the backstage of a fashion show or concert.

“Time to talk”
As well as the content published by the Editorial Team, we want all our subscribers from the WeLovArt social network to get the chance to express themselves in our webzine through testimonies, articles, tutorials. Each and every artist can apply, and a selection will take place monthly.

Le mot des fondateurs

“Being an artist is much more than loving art, it is an ode to life, it is living twice, passionately, intensely.” Madeleine Leblanc, La Muraille de brume

Laetitia Wurtz and Laurent A.