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Rules of the free contests  “1st WeLovArt contests: Theme Fashion” (On the 13th of April 2020)

Article 1: Contests’ organization

WeLovArt is a simplified join-stock company, its home office is located at 24 avenue de l’Europe – 67300 Schiltigheim, France, currently being inscribed in the Strasbourg Trade and Companies register.
Hereinafter referred to as “the organizer”
Organizes contests on the social network Instagram entitled ‘1st WeLovArt contest: Theme: Fashion”, for the launch of the international artistic social network and WeLovArt fashion and art webzine,
Hereinafter referred to as “the contest”
These contests are neither managed nor sponsored by Instagram.
Participation in the contest implies the participants’ acceptance without reservation of this set of rules in its entirety,
Hereinafter referred to as “the rules”

Article 2: Purpose of the contest

The contest is free of charge.

Objectives of the contests:
-To promote artists via social medias and the Welovart platform
-To promote the jury with additional visibility, and especially through additional Instagram follows
-To promote Welovart by creating feeds on the webzine and social network registrations for the launch of the websites and

Concept: a contest on Instagram is organized for each artist category (photographer, make-up artist, hair stylist, designer, influencers) on the general theme “Fashion” as well as on specific themes peculiar to each category (fashion, portrait, etc).

Order of the suggested contests and themes:
Photographers: Theme: Beauty image editing for a magazine editorial.
Make-up Artists: Theme: Beauty/Fashion
Women Models: Theme: Commercial Modeling (minimum height: 5’6, age: (between 16 and 25)
Men Models: Theme: Commercial Modeling (minimum height: 6′)
Fashion Designers: Theme: Chic Couture
Fashion Influencers: Theme: Fashion
Hair stylists: Theme: Modern
Fashion photographer

Article 3: Date and duration

Contests will take place from 13th April 2020 to 6th May 2020 inclusive, at the rate of 3 contests per week, see the attached calendars (annex 1).
Participants will have 2 days to prepare their application, a few hours on D-day to participate (from 12 to 10 pm), 3 days of public voting, and then 2 days of jury deliberations.
The organizer reserves the right to extend the participation period and to postpone any announced date.

Article 4: Conditions and validity of participation

4-1 Participation conditions
The contest is open to all people aged 16 and over, living in France as well as in neighboring countries.
Any person who has collaborated in the contest’s organization as well as their respective direct family members, the organizer’s employees or subcontractors, are not allowed to participate in the contest.

How it works:
The participants will have to fulfill the participation conditions and publish 3 of their best photos on their Instagram profile.

Photos and information required for each category:

-Photographers: Theme: beauty image editing for a magazine editorial:
3 before/after photos (left photo: before editing / right photo: after editing for each photo)
target: autodidact photographer or photographer wishing to start in editorial/beauty magazine

– Make-up artists: Theme: Beauty/Fashion:
3 beauty/Fashion makeup photos

– Women Models: Theme: Commercial Modeling:
3 photos (portrait, full-length, we recommend that you add a smiling photo along with
the 3 requested)
Elements to specify imperatively: mobility (specify in particular if available for several months abroad), height (minimum height: 5’6), age (between 16 and 25).

– Men Models: Theme: Commercial Modeling:
3 photos (portrait, full-length, we recommend that you add a smiling photo along with
the 3 requested)
Elements to specify imperatively: mobility (specify in particular if available for several months abroad), height (minimum height: 6’)

– Fashion Designers: Theme: Chic Couture:
3 photos with, if possible, 1 overall photo, 1 detail photo, 1 video, preferably in motion
+ a short description of the presented model

– Fashion influencers: Theme: Fashion:
3 photos

– Hair Stylists: Theme: Modern:
1 photo with a modern color and hairstyle or 2 photos (2 different angles of the hairstyle and color)

-Photographers: Theme: Fashion:
3 fashion photos

Once the participant has fulfilled all the required conditions for his participation, he publishes his 3 photos (multiple selection mode) on his Instagram profile and identifies the accounts of the jury members in his category as well as the page @welovart.mag and @laurent_welovart +
#welovartphoto #welovartdesigner #welovartmakeup #welovartwomenmodel #welovartmenmodel #welovartinfluencer #welovarthairstyle #welovartfashionphoto

The contestants and the public will be able to easily find every participant photos by categories on the Instagram search bar thanks to the # corresponding to the contest’s category.
Conditions of participation for artists:
Invite 3 friends to participate in the contest by tagging them in the publication’s comment section.
Follow the Instagram accounts of the 5 jury members in your category + the @welovart.mag and @laurent_welovart pages
Post the required photos and tag @welovart.mag by using the category’s #: #welovartphoto #welovartdesigner #welovartmakeup #welovartwomenmodel #welovartmenmodel #welovartinfluencer #welovarthairstyle or #welovartfashionphoto
Bonus: Share the publication on your story and tag the @welovart.mag profile
How many winners? One winner by contest category
Voting system:
– Public Vote (like Instagram) counts for 40%
– Jury’s Vote counts for 60%
The jury deliberates on all participants to give everyone a chance to win the contest. Point rating system (see annex 5 for further details).

4-2 Validity of participation
Any participation in the contest will be considered invalid if any of the above conditions are not met.
The organizer reserves the right to eliminate participants who do not respect the rules.

Article 5: Winners’ designation

Jury members by category and evaluation criteria by category are described in annexes 2 and 3 attached to this set of rules. The date of the winners’ designation is listed in the calendar in annex 1.

Article 6: Prizes’ designation

The prizes for each competition are described in annex 4 attached to this set of rules.

Article 7: Information or Publication of the winners’ names

Results will be published online on the WeLovArt social network at (free registration).

Article 8: Terms and conditions of the prizes’ awarding

Prizes being immaterial, they will be awarded depending on each winner’s and their trainer’s/coach’s availability.
Given the current context and economic uncertainties, we will do our best to ensure that the prizes are awarded within 6 months from September 2020. This period may be extended in case of force majeure, in particular due to the current pandemic.
Unreachable winners will not be able to claim any prize, compensation or indemnity of any kind whatsoever.
The prizes awarded are personal and non-transferable.
Furthermore, the winners cannot make any reclamation on their prizes, nor exchange them or ask for any other compensation of any kind whatsoever.

Article 9: Promotional operations

By accepting their prizes, the winners allow the organizer to use their names, brands and company names for promotional purposes on any medium of its choice, without this reproduction giving rise to any remuneration or compensation other than the prize won.

Article 10: Personal data

The personal data collected as part of the contest are recorded and used by the organizer for the purposes of their participation and the allocation of their winnings.
In accordance with the French”Data Protection Act” of January 6th, 1978, participants have the right to access, rectify or delete information about them. Any request must be sent to the organizer’s e-mail address (Contact).

Article 11: Liability

The participant acknowledges and accepts that the sole obligation of the organizer under the Game is to submit the entries to a vote, provided that their participation complies with the terms and conditions of these Rules, and to award the prizes to the winners, according to the criteria and terms and conditions defined in these Rules.
The organizer shall not be held liable, without this list being exhaustive, for any technical, hardware or software failure of any kind whatsoever, the risks of contamination by possible viruses circulating on the network and the lack of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation.
Participation in the game implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet in terms of technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring information.

Article 12: Cases of force majeure

The organizer shall not be held liable if, due to force majeure or beyond its control, the game must be modified, shortened or cancelled.
The organizer has the right to carry out any checks he deems useful, relating to compliance with the rules, especially to exclude any participant who has made an inaccurate or false statement or fraud.

Article 13: Disputes

The rules are governed by the French law. Any difficulty in the application or interpretation of the rules will be decided exclusively by the organizer.
No request or complaint regarding the application or interpretation of these rules will be answered. Any dispute or claim relating to the Game and the conditions must be written to the following e-mail address (Contact).
No protest will be considered eight days after the end of the Game.

Article 14: Filing and consultation of the Rules

A copy of these rules is available and can be read throughout the duration of the Game on the social network and webzine WeLovArt: and A copy of the rules will be sent upon written request to the organizer by email (Contact).