Thursday 18 April 2024

Christophe Jarosz : the “sacred” director

A singular French director, Christophe Jarosz, who releases a brand new dystopian short film D-Iva, with the look of the American series Black Mirror. Between religion and society of overconsumption, the filmmaker takes the audience into an original and futuristic universe.

Monica Bellucci, Daniel Auteuil, Isabelle Huppert… Christophe Jarosz has worked with the greatest. His beginnings as a stage manager and technician in the cinema opened a door for him, that of directing. Yes, what the 44 year old Alsatian likes most is to be in charge of a project. Moreover, his new short film D-Iva, which was shot in 2019 is “a futuristic tale” of 15 minutes, which is close to the universe of the successful series Black Mirror. The film, which was shot in Mulhouse (Alsace) and Montenegro, does not yet have a release date but intends to make a splash with its uniqueness.

Poster of the concert of the film D-Iva Les films du tonnerre/Giggling Goal Productions)

D-Iva: an iconic female figure…

A little girl who admires the religious icons of the churches of Montenegro in a futuristic world, who grows up and becomes a “diva” who leaves her audience in the lurch during a concert. This is the character created by Christophe Jarosz: Iva. The title of the short film takes on its full meaning when the filmmaker explains the metaphor between a world dedicated to marketing, completely “disconnected from the sacred” and this pious little girl who becomes a woman “goddess” of this universe of overconsumption. The “d” of “goddess” in french is replaced by the “d” of “D-Iva”. A film that denounces today’s society by featuring a charismatic character who passes through song and dance. The French director was inspired by American stars like Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande for the “diva” side of the character. But also Joan of Arc for the religious aspect, as well as the daughter of Conan the Barbarian for the fight she leads against this society.

… for this real passionate about religion

Christophe Jarosz, the director of D-Iva (Studio Woodman)

After a degree in modern literature in Strasbourg, Christophe Jarosz satisfied his interest in cinema by traveling to Rome, thanks to the Erasmus program “where I was able to study at the Vatican University. I have always been fascinated by celestial and religious iconography, because I find it very aesthetic. By the Saints as well, and D-Iva is fascinating in her candor and in her fighting spirit.”

“Not only can the actress act, but she also dances and sings.” (Les films du tonnerre/Giggling Goal Productions)

The film will certainly have its premiere in Mulhouse (Alsace) to “reenchant the image of the city through cinema”, as Christophe Jarosz confided.

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