Tuesday 25 June 2024

Darina Rieffel: A Delicate Blend of Art and Floristry

At the heart of fashion and art, Darina Rieffel has created a unique sphere where floristry is elevated into a work of art. Her Russian roots and atypical journey infuse her compositions with a fresh flavor that is increasingly attracting attention.

From a Diversified Journey to a Blooming Workshop

Darina inaugurated her workshop in October 2022 following an astonishing professional transition. Her studies in European geopolitics and her experience at the consulate seem a world away from floral art, but it is precisely this diversity that enriches her approach. The birth of her son was the catalyst that propelled her into this new path, freeing her to embrace her true passion.

Having grown up in Orel, near Moscow, in an artistic environment – her father is a painter and her sister an interior decorator – Darina was immersed from an early age in a universe where creative expression was at the center. Her training as a florist with a craftsman taught her the basics of floral art, but it’s her artistic eye that allows her to see beyond and transform her bouquets into real impressionistic canvases.

Flowers, A Bridge Between Art and Nature

For Darina, the proximity between art and flowers is evident. Flowers, often at the heart of paintings, have been a major source of inspiration for her, to the point that she was torn between creating bouquets or works of art. She has managed to merge the two, seeking to highlight the elegance of the flower while navigating between the artistic and florist worlds.

The paintings of Impressionist artists, especially those of Manet, strongly inspire her work. The delicacy of colors, the harmonious distribution of elements, and the balance of composition are all principles she applies in her bouquets.

Deeply Personalized and Contemplative Work

Darina mainly works on weddings, where she takes the time to understand the couples’ story to personalize their floral compositions. Each bouquet reflects strong moments such as their meeting or their marriage proposal, transforming the decoration into a reflection of the bride and groom’s personality.

In her daily life, Darina is contemplative. She draws on the beauty of nature, taking the time to observe colors and nuances. She says, “If happiness exists, it’s an artist’s test,” perfectly summarizing her artistic and personal quest.

An Art Rooted in Philosophy and Literature

Darina is not just an artist, she is also a thinker. Her work is a challenge to the uniformity of our society, which she sees represented in Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984”. Conversely, she feels more aligned with romantic writers such as Stefan Zweig, Erich Maria Remarque, and J.D. Salinger, authors who have influenced her worldview and art.

If floral composition is a poetry to her, it is that of Russian poet Sergei Yesenin and Anna Akhmatova that inspire her, poets who remind her of her childhood.

Transmitting Her Art and Vision

Darina dreams of gardens, love and bread, of songs, wine, and the sun on our foreheads. She wants to share this dream with the world, by transmitting her art and her knowledge. For this, she regularly posts on social networks and collaborates on various artistic projects. Through her work, Darina Rieffel brings to life a unique fusion of art and floristry, creating a new form of fashion that celebrates personal expression, the beauty of nature, and the contemplation of existence. She is not merely creating bouquets, she is weaving stories, evoking emotions, and giving life to beauty in all its forms

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