Thursday 18 April 2024

Silvia de Artza Cid, visual artist and art therapist

Silvia de Artza Cid is a visual artist and art therapist connected to nature and the soul. After having lived in different countries, she opened her art studios in Barcelona in which she combines painting and dancing.

Introduce yourself in a few words : I am a visual artist and art therapist. After living twelve years in different countries (Thailand, Morocco, France and Mexico) in July 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, I arrived in Barcelona where I have since lived surrounded by nature, an environment in which I feel good and in which my soul can express itself and develop freely. I devoted my life to art therapy and design until 2017, when I took a radical turn in my life and moved to Mexico to dedicate myself exclusively to painting and rescue and caring for abandoned animals.

Tell us about how you started: I started painting five years ago, after receiving a “message” while in a meditative, connected state in which I was told I should paint water. After this event, I moved to Mexico at the edge of “the lagoon of the seven colors” where I spent three years painting inspired by water with the technique of fluid painting.

Why and how did you start in this field? I feel guided, I always thought that I would paint at the end of my life. From the moment I was told I should paint I had no doubts about my path – my destiny and since then my life has been dedicated to painting and guiding people through the process of connecting with their own creativity through art.

What interests you / what are you working on in your art? My art is inspired by nature, in its harmony, purity and beauty, qualities that represent for me the reflection of the very essence of the soul. I am interested in the subtle, the language of color that goes beyond words, creating melodies through color that resonate inside the viewer and help them connect with their own soul.

What are the positive aspects of your job? Observation, inner silence, learning and the evolution of my being at each encounter with the work or with the people I accompany. The development of my own creativity and intuition, the possibility of creating something new each time, the experimentation of different techniques, the endless possibilities that painting offers me.Share with people.

“My art is inspired by nature, in its harmony, purity and beauty, qualities that represent for me the reflection of the very essence of the soul.”

Can you make a living from your art? I live from my art and my art workshops.

What are you passionate about / what do you stand for in life? The soul, the origin, the essence that drives us, the subtlety of what surrounds us, nature and its beauty, what cannot be said with words, what cannot be seen but felt.

What are your other interests, hobbies? Dance, music, games, walks in nature and animals.

What is/would be your motto? Heaven is the Earth, the gift is the body, live life with death in mind every day.

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