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Tuesday 16 July 2024

Alberto V, The face of the Tahiti Fashion Week

Because he has made fashion his trademark, Alberto Vivian, who signs Alberto V, is one of those who found the right match in a land of exile. His career is littered with many human encounters and various landscapes. He the Milanese in love with textiles to the great despair of his parents who already saw him as an architect.

Once upon a time, Alberto V.

Milan, a young man, his head full of colors and fibers walks the streets of his native neighborhood. Enrolled at the School of Fine Arts and destined for the profession of architecture, he saw an advert that opens a whole new path to him: a clothing store, the Gerard boutique which designs its own clothes and also imports other brands, is looking for a store manager.

« I got the job and continue university in parallel. The store is located opposite Armani and behind Fiorucci »

If the first store, Armani, didn’t leave him any good memories, his meeting with Mr. Elio Fiorucci marked the turning point of his young career. After a dinner to which Aberto was invited, Fiorucci offered him a position, in his fashion house.

Thanks to his new job, he starts traveling around the world on inspirational journeys starting with New York followed by Asia with Tokyo, and Paris. Inspirational trips were followed by production trips to India, China and Hong Kong. In these days there were very few textile factories in Italy except for haute couture and luxury ready-to-wear.

« I loved Fiorucci’s limitless creation which was avant-garde. »

In India they talk to him about Tahiti. He used to take vacation in the Maldives, but this time he headed for this island nestled in the heart of the Pacific. A white sand beach in Temae on the sister island Moorea, the diversity of peoples and duddenly click! At this very moment he realised it was the right choice.

« I learn something new everyday, life’s too short to stop learning »

With fine arts and Fiorucci, he came to meet big names like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Madonna, Maripol, Marilyn Gauthier… too many to list them all here. Alberto V does not only work with lace, in Tahiti he also creates tattoos on textile, as well as the Tahitian Move brand, a flip-flop which has become a fashion accessory, the Marilyn Agency Contest model agency and finally his new baby the Tahiti Fashion Week with the model agency Brave Models Management.

« The idea of having a Tahiti Fashion Week came to me because everywhere there is a Fashion Week and we didn’t have one here  »

Health crisis or not, Alberto V is one of those who have always worked to promote tourism in Tahiti and its islands, knowing how to surround himself with a whole team of professionals including Agnes, Exotic Gardens and many others. Added to this circle are designers, young models, craft. He also brought in many world famous personalities such as Jean Paul Gauthier, Karl Lagerfeld, François Nars, Sharon Stone, Gian Paolo Barbieri. Along with the personalities come the internationally renowned magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair or Glamour. To his credit: more than 30 years at the service of fashion and innovation.

« As proof, the digital TFW was the first digital event in Polynesia. »

What are Alberto V’s expectations? A museum and a real fashion school in Tahiti! Except that it’s still very complicated to talk about it without offending some people. According to him, Tahiti must always be open to the outside for everything and in particular as far as fashion is concerned « We are not the Pito of the world.» he says before adding «  I think that fortunately Polynesia is already open to the world, now it’s up to each of us, each in his field, to continue inspiring and be inspired by this vast world.»

Thus he addresses the inhabitants of his adoptive country by inviting them to remain themselves with their cultural richness and to continue moving forward with their eyes wide open to the world: « A culture that doesn’t open up will die! »

It is not uncommon to see the silhouette of the great Alberto V strolling on the beaches along the island and surprise him dreaming of his next achievements. The great Alberto V who would tell little Alberto not to trust everyone and reassure him that he will be able to do whatever he wants.

«I think I will face all challenges in the same way despite hurtful encounters, this has also allowed me to form friendships. Because yes, some inhabitants of Polynesia have helped me to reach my goal, in the same way that I give them my support: it’s an exchange.  »

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