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Di Clemente,
makeup, “I wish it had happened sooner”!

Australia, ideal land for discoveries. Surrounded by the warm air and the red soil, Aurélia di Clemente who was 27 back then and instructor for a brand, developed a passion for makeup. "Sublimate women", is what drives her. A few years later, she became self-employed. She tells us about a thirty year-old freelancer’s desires and difficulties.

By looking at your makeups, we noticed that they are very colorful, are vibrant colors what attract you the most?

Yes, I love going crazy with the shades! I feel like I can express myself through colors. It is the complete opposite when I stick to nude colors. When I am free to do as I please, that is the way I use makeup. I remain in the field of beauty and fashion. It simply is a bit more colorful, a bit more artistic.

Makeup with pop colors.

Photo Sarans Reflections

When did you become a makeup artist?

It was four years ago, my passion for makeup appeared in Australia. Originally, I am from Paris, I studied cosmetics. I was working in spas before getting hired by Lancôme in sales and communication.

I decided to move to Australia where I kept working for Lancôme. Sometimes I would do my clients’ makeup over the stand. I really appreciated doing that: sublimate women, enhance their beauty. My manager noticed it. A makeup artist job went vacant in the region of Perth. That is how I started working in the makeup industry. I was 27, I wish it had happened sooner!

And to get inspiration, to train yourself…

I have been watching a lot of videos on social media. I have done training programs too, paid by the company! Unfortunately I have had to leave Australia because I did not get a visa… It is very complicated to settle permanently in that country… I left two and a half years ago. I did not want to go back to Paris, so I moved to Geneva. My sister lived in Switzerland, I enjoyed that country, the landscapes. People take more time to breathe here than in Paris! And it was very relaxed in Australia too, I was looking for a peaceful place.

What happened when you arrived?

I tried to find a job similar to the one I had in Australia…I did not manage to find one. Then, I tried to work for another brand as a makeup artist, but in Geneva, I did not find this artistic aspect. I did not enjoy the job I was doing at all. Even though I had a makeup artist contract, I was doing everything except makeup! I was given commercial tasks. It bothered me a lot… That is when I started considering self-employment. Live from my passion: makeup.

How did you begin your activity on your own?

When I stopped working for the brand in Geneva, I followed training programs at the parisian Make Up For Ever school. There, I did a beauty, fashion and fashion show session. Then, I became a freelancer. I have been thinking about the financial aspect for a long time… Luckily, my husband has always been very supportive, so that is great! Today, I am happy I took the plunge. You have to keep believing in yourself, and when I see the evolution week after week, I tell myself it can only get better! I have been self-employed for four months now.

Four months is very recent! How do you get by?

Starting a business is not always easy psychologically… It can be tough. Sometimes you hesitate and tell yourself: “I have to find something else!” The first two months were pretty stressful. I was working a bit but it was complicated, I had to develop my network. I started collaborating with people to make contacts and meet professionals from the same field. I am noting some results as we recommend each other’s work. And we appreciate one another. So my business is starting to grow. Since last month, it is getting better and better, and I hope it will go on like this.

Wedding makeup.

Photo Camille Dar

As we talk about it, how do you organize your work?

I work with individuals as well as professionals. It is going well because I choose what type of contract I want to work on. With individuals, I do all kind of missions related to events organization; such as weddings, bachelorette parties and makeup classes. Professionally, I joined an agency in Geneva that hires artists in photography as well as in makeup and hairstyling. They offer different missions that we can either accept or deny. For example, I started working on a short-film last week, it lasted several days!

And in the future…

For now, I see myself self-employed. Although I would like to evolve within the fashion industry. Do some photo-shoots, do some models’ make-up, celebrities: that is my dream.

Photo selected for one of the covers of Imirage Magazine.

Photo Olivier Bain

Translated by Marianne Larivé

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