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Giovanni Morassutti, italian actor with eclectic personality

Giovanni Morassutti is an Italian actor, director, artist, writer and cultural entrepreneur. He trained at the Actors Studio at the age of 19 and notably worked with Gus Van Sant. Visual artist, he founded Art Aia, an art residency, in order to create connections between people that lead to shared cultural experiences and collective citizen actions. He creates programs to educate the public on topics such as global warming and the preservation of biodiversity.

Introduce yourself in a few words : (profession, background, personality)

I am an actor , director, artist, writer and cultural entrepreneur. I am the son of a German mother and Italian father. Recently a journalist has defined me “an eclectic personality”

Tell us about how you started :

I began acting in my early childhood, but it wasn’t until high school that my experiences onstage made me understand that being an actor was what I really wanted to do. For my 16th birthday a friend gave me as a birthday present a book called Rebel, a biography of James Dean. That book made me dream about being at the Actors Studio and living in New York.

Why and how did you start in this field ?

I believe that one of the main reasons why I have chosen this path is based on the need to be recognized and appreciated for my sensitivity. I feel the need to tell my own truth to the public. At the age of 18, I moved to New York City to become a professional actor and to gain self-confidence.

What interests you / what are you working on in your art ?

As an actor I am interested in expressing the humanity of the characters I play. As a director I love to tell stories As a visual artist I start with an idea and then I follow my instinct to express it in a coherent form. As a cultural entrepreneur I create residency programs to foster a sense of community. As a writer I like to inform people about topics I am exploring.

What are the highlights of your career ?

As an actor: – I am currently competing for the David Di Donatello which is the most important italian film award. -Working with Gus Van Sant in Last Days. -Being at the Actors Studio at the age of 19.
As a cultural entrepreneur , having founded Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin.
As an artist , discovering my art practice as a visual artist and being listed on Google Arts & Culture among great artists.
As a director , having directed Lydia Biondi in Sola In Casa presented the Cherry Lane Theatre.
As a writer , having written the preface of the Italian version of Strasberg’s book.

Any plans, desires for the future ?

I am working on my art residency in Italy in order to create programs to raise audience consciousness about topics like global warming and climate change. I also would like to create a school about the liberal arts set in the country and of course I wish to get inspiring roles and be part of good art projects with interesting people.

What is the worst experience of your career ?

Panicking on set

What are the positive or negative aspects of your job ?

Positive : It is an exciting lifestyle that gives you an open minded perspective and also inspires the soul.
Negative : It is difficult in terms of money and the acting profession can be brutal.

Can you make a living from your art ?

I have had long periods of my life in which I could make a living from my art. Currently it is a bit difficult due to Pandemic. What are you passionate about / what do you stand for in life?

Pic : Fifilm

What are you passionate about / what do you stand for in life ?

I am committed to create the kind of connections between people that lead to collective civic action, political expression, community dialogue, and shared cultural experiences. I also promote sustainability and the need to preserve biodiversity.

“Don’t betray yourself to succeed and be a better person before being a better actor.”

What are your other interests, hobbies ?

Environmental issues, travelling, technology and the natural beauties of my home region.

What is/would be your motto ?

Find a good teacher, don’t betray yourself to succeed and be a better person before being a better actor.

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