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Tuesday 16 July 2024

Lisa Mee, Irish-Korean-American painter artist

Lisa Mee is an Irish-Korean-American painter artist living in New York City. She has exhibited his paintings in the USA, France and China. Captivated by landscapes and waterscapes, she creates a stained glass effect and uses recycled materials.

Introduce yourself in a few words : My name is Lisa Mee, an Irish-Korean-American woman artist who lives and works in New York City. I create mixed media paintings of the natural world, figures and abstraction. Captivated by rhythms and colors from a saturated sunset or the reflections of light from aesthetic waterscapes, I create a stained glass effect by using metallic gilding paints. Adding recycled material that most people find useless, I create beauty. My artwork illustrates my commitment to express environmental concerns about our fragile ecological state.

Tell us about how you started : I have always painted since I was a child. My parents were art collectors who took me to art museums and art fairs in New York City. I attended Fordham University and met my husband, artist Wayne Ensrud (the protegee of the Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka). After working with Wayne for over 20 years as his Studio Director, I immersed myself in my own work, devoting myself full-time to my art.


Why did you start in this field ? It is my passion and bliss. It’s a way for me to tap into an inner creative energy and ‘voice.’ I integrate recycled materials and paint, creating scenes of peace and joy which conveys a harmonious energy.

What interests you / what are you working on in your art ? Landscapes and seascapes are a passion where I paint outdoors and then further develop canvases in my studio. Observing the natural world and conveying that emotional response as a luminescent painting is my goal. Colors convey energy and now more than ever people need positive radiant art.

« Following your inner intuition of how to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Whether it is through music, art, writing, photography. »

What are the highlights of your career ? A V.I.P. event of myself with esteemed international artists at the renowned Breakers Resort in West Palm Beach, Florida (March 2019) My solo exhibition at the International American Art Museum of San Francisco in March 2020. Presenting my art on live television through America’s Value Channel Fine Art Auction (January 2021).

Any plans, desires for the future ? Develop a series of large scale abstract paintings consisting of floral elements and precious stones.

What is the worst experience of your career ? Feeling belittled by male art gallery owners.

What are the positive or negative aspects of your job ? The thrill of creating painting and feeling that energy while losing myself in a painting is the height of my joy.


An you make a living from your art? Absolutely! I had the best year of sales as galleries moved online due to Covid.

What are you passionate about / what do you stand for in life ? Following your inner intuition of how to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Whether it is through music, art, writing, photography. We each have a responsibility to look after each other and the planet. Devoting oneself to making beautiful arts or crafts is needed by society to sustain us through crises and keep our optimism alive.

Lisa Mee
Lisa Mee

What are your other interests, hobbies ? Writing, flamenco dance, running and yoga.

What would be your motto ? There is just this moment and nothing else so do not be weighted by the past or concerned about the future to determine your happiness.

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