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Tuesday 16 July 2024

Lucas Schlott, Argentinian artist photographer

Lucas Schlott is an Argentinian visual artist who settled in Paris. He likes to create fantastic photographs with out of the ordinary and a bit twisted characters.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am an Argentinian photographer and visual artist living in France for three and a half years. My artistic universe is filled with fantasy. I like to create characters that are out of the ordinary and in a way a little twisted.
I’m an introvert and love to imagine little stories because I see life in a romantic way.
I have studied and worked most of my career with artists from Latin America (Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile).

Tell us about your beginnings :

I started my career in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when I received my first camera, a gift from my grandfather for my 14th birthday.

Why and how did you start in this field?

I started in advertising because my brother-in-law was a television director and thanks to him I started to integrate myself in this field.

Pic : Lucas Schlott

What are you working on in your art?

I’m interested in hidden beauty, in people’s anxieties and in the humorous side of it.
A famous photographer from Mexico, Mayra Martell, once told me that I was a visual artist who works with sadness, that in all my images there was a sign of discouragement.

What are your sources of inspiration for your photography locations, characters and decoration?

My sources of inspiration are books, sometimes tales for children, my travels and the theater.

What are the highlights of your career?

Highlights of my career are ; First, knowing the Argentinian photographer Marcos Lopez. The second is having an Italian teacher who changed my way of working in fashion photography. Finally, my move to Paris, the City of Light!

Pic : Lucas Schlott

What are your desires for the future?

It would be to be able to publish my book “Ensueño y Realidad” in Spanish and French and start making portraits with artists from French cinema and Hollywood. I’ve been dreaming about it ever since I started studying photography in Argentina.

What is the worst memory of your career?

The worst memory was at the theater while taking pictures on the set when I realized that my camera was making a noise that disturbed all the comedians, what a shame!

Pic : Lucas Schlott

“The positive aspects are being able to know a lot of people, to travel and especially the freedom to imagine a parallel and fantastic world.”

What are the positive or negative aspects of your job?

The positive aspects are being able to know a lot of people, to travel and especially the freedom to imagine a parallel and fantastic world.
Rather, the negative is the lack of stability in this job and the cash flow. At this point in my career and at my age, I think about this a lot.

Do you manage to make a living from your art?

Yes, I’m lucky to make a living from it. However, it took 15 years of work and a lot of effort to get there.

What do you stand for in life?

I defend the freedom to choose the way we want to live and I also defend humanity, peace and love in general.

What are your other areas of interest?

My hobbies are music, reading, swimming and movies.

What is your motto?

« Amor con amor se paga » by José Martí (“Love is paid with love”).

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