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Tuesday 16 July 2024

Tani Telas, painter who make up his paintings

Tell us about your beginnings : Self-taught painter artist, in college I already spent my free time to reproduce the fashion models on paper, brush and Indian ink like my closest partners. Confronted with a visual art assignment on the theme of Gustav Klimt, and in lack of paint to do my work, I escape conventions and empty the makeup drawer of the women in my family. Blushes, eyeshadows, foundations, lipsticks, nail polish and other vagabonds in the magic drawer become my allies. It all starts here.


Why did you start in this field? By passion and love of people, those who inspire me and those for whom I create. The “Hommage à la femme” exhibition organized by La Cour Des Miracles Compagnie in the hall of the Toulon hospital encouraged me to continue creating. Putting color where there is no more, to enlighten, even for a moment sad and gloomy life.

What interests you / what are you on in your art? The Woman and her combats is the base of my creations through the universe “Guerreras” (The warriors). I developed two other axes, “Trozos” (Pieces of life) and “Burbujas” (Bubbles). Each axis illustrates the fight and colorful life with a part of dreams and hope. I work watercolor / gouache, makeup and especially at the moment the oil painting.

“Putting color where there is no more, to enlighten, even for a moment sad and gloomy life.”

What are the highlights of your career? This first exhibition “Hommage à la Femme” for which the association asked and encouraged me to exhibit my original creations made from cosmetics, makeup and Indian ink. Then the organization of exhibitions “à la maison”, where I had the pleasure to present the 3 universe in the same room in small groups. Very enriching meetings and discussions ensued from these moments.

Projects, desires for the future? Continue to create and try new mediums, mixing techniques. My professional career abroad remains the foundation of my heart for the people of all countries. My wildest dream would be to export my creations and spread color and life to the four corners of the world.

What is the worst memory of your career? When my plastic arts teacher showed my work to the whole class; be confronted with the gaze of the other and his judgment. I sweated a lot that day!

What are the positive or negative aspects of your job? Following a health concern that must have stopped me in my initial job, the only thing I could do was paint, my cognitive and motor functions having been impacted. Today I am lucky to have time to create, try and share. I am in the process of being a declared artist, this administrative aspect is still complex for me. The most difficult thing is to give visibility and to surf the artistic networks.

What are you passionate about / defending in life? People and their lives. I defend the fights, how we bounce back from a difficult or hopeless situation. I defend life and love, help and solidarity in the face of events.

Burbujas de suenos

What are your other interests, hobbies? I am president of a collective of live performing artists “La Meteorite”, passionate about theater. I wrote and directed contemporary plays and orchestrated the creation of the play I wrote” les femmes que je suis “, a family saga. Dance, music and song have always has been part of my life since childhood.

What is / would be your motto? From internal battles to fighting for life: the color of creation.

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