Thursday 23 May 2024

WeLovArt contests

We present to you the winners of the fashion contests organized during the launch of the artistic social network and fashion and art webzine WeLovArt and the jurys of each category.

“Fashion photographers” contests

Winner of the “Fashion photographers” contest : Stéphane 010974

Winner of the “Photographers – beauty retouch” contest : Florian Robert

“Fashion designers” contest : Véronique Fournier

“Models” contests

Winner of the “Women models” contest : Daphné Pallière

Winner of the “Men modelscontest : Gillyan Thibaut

“Make up artists” et “Hair stylistscontests

Winner of the “Make up artistscontest : Emimakeart

Winner of the “Hair stylistscontest : Amandine Naudin, alias Bonnie True

Jurys of the contests

Links to the book of the winners and jurys of the Fashion contests on the artistic social network WeLovArt

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